Learn Psychic Abilities
Psychic Chat

New to our psychic chat? Here are some commands to get you started:

  • /help Display help.
  • /clear Clear the chat output in this channel.
  • /nick [nick] Change your nickname.
  • /msg [nick] [msg] Send a private message.
  • /whois [nick] Find out all manner of things about someone.
  • /me [text] Emote.
  • /away Set your status to away.
  • /back Set your status to back.

About Our Psychic Chat

This chat is hosted on the internet relay chat(IRC) network. If you prefer to use a separate client for chatting on our website, please consider XChat. Our IRC information for connection is as follows:

Server: irc.sorcery.net

Channel: #psionicsonline